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9 Top 8K Television Recommendations (Newest in 2022)

Are you searching for the most advanced TV of the moment? TVs with 8K resolution are the solution. 8K TVs are high-performance models that can create high-quality images that are real and sharper. 8K TVs aren't only used to watch television. 8K TVs can also be used for satisfying your requirements for internet browsing, streaming video and much more.

Samsung, Sony, and LG are a few of the most well-known brands that make high-quality 8K televisions in the market. To avoid getting lost, you can follow these tips for choosing from our article. So, turn on the TV and find the television you can imagine!

What is an 8K Television?

Top 8K Television Recommendations (Newest in 2022)

The 8K television is TV equipped with the most modern technology available in television. It comes with an image resolution that is many times greater than 4K television. 8K TVs feature advanced technology that the previous generations did not include, like UHD as well as Full HD. 8K TVs' pixels are so tiny that they aren't visible in the eyes of a human when it is in close proximity.

Thus, the image display is highly detailed and features crisp colours. The experience of watching an 8K TV will give you an incredible experience, with the look and feel as if you were actually watching right in front of your eyes.

In addition, 8K televisions have The Ultra-Viewing Angle feature, which permits the backlight to enter the screen and spread across the screen. So, there'll not be reflections of glare throughout the day or in the room is extremely bright.

How do you choose an 8K television?

To ensure that you don't make the wrong decision There are some aspects you must be aware of. A few of these factors start with the kind of lighting, the TV running system and features and other things. Pick an 8K television with the specifications you require as per the criteria we'll discuss below.

Be aware of the kind of light source

As a premium large-screen TV of the highest quality 8K TV makes use of four different types of lighting technology. These include LED OLED, QLED as well as Mini LED. Perhaps you've heard of these terms often and are confused by the differences. We will then detail the benefits of each kind of television lighting below.

  1. The LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is an in-built backlight system to light. They are very sharp with a diamond-like light that is safe for eyes.
  2. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) The light source comes from organic compounds which emit light when electric current is applied. OLED doesn't use backlight since the pixels switch on and off in a separate manner. OLED TVs are capable producing more natural blacks, resulting in higher contrast and more real-looking images.
  3. QLED (Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode) makes use of quantum dots technology to make brightness higher, while still being easy to read. Quantum dots are better at producing brighter, brighter shades than OLED.
  4. Mini LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is one of the technology used in a variety of newer TV models. The advantage that this technique offers is that it provides more precise backlighting than standard LEDs. The accuracy and color saturation of Mini LED are also improved. Mini LED are also improved. So, Mini LED will increase the quality of viewing as compared to regular LEDs.

These are the kinds of light that are typically used for 8K televisions. It is not necessary to worry about confusion because each of these lighting types are still able to produce excellent images however, they have different levels of brightness.

Select using the TV operating system

Smart TVs include all 8K TVs. Similar to phones, these TVs utilize their own operating systems. Android, webOS, and Tizen are a few of the operating systems that are used in 8K-sized TVs. Each operating system comes with its own unique strengths and characteristics.

  1. Android It runs on the same operating system as Android smartphones. The system supports the Google Play Store, making it simpler to download the same app on your smartphone. TV that runs this technology is appropriate for Android smartphones.
  2. WebOS The operating system that LG uses on its smart TVs. The operating system has been created with a simple and minimalist look, and is simpler as other operating systems. Additionally, you'll receive the standard applications that come with the operating system, including Google TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and many more.
  3. Tizen is an operating system designed by Samsung and exclusively used for Samsung's Smart TVs. Tizen comes with an Smart Hub application that makes it simple to control your internet connection as well as the brightness of your screen or display through an application.

After having a thorough understanding of the operating system for 8K TV you are aware of which one is the best for your requirements, right? A lot of advanced software is not the best for you.

Find the TV features that will meet your needs

We recommend that you do not hurry into deciding on the best 8K TV. Do not pick a TV just because it's the best or expensive. You should, however, look at the features that meet your requirements. Here are a few most popular features that are available on 8K TVs.

TV with entertainment applications that make you feel at your own

We have mentioned before that TV isn't only an instrument for watching television shows from specific channels. Television is also a means of accessing to the web, streaming videos and much other things. Thus, opt for an 8K television with numerous entertainment apps to make you feel at in your home.

Are you a fan of watching films and aren't willing to miss the latest and most popular drama? If yes, then choose an 8K TV that has VOD (video-on-demand) feature like Netflix and Disney+. Other entertainment apps which should be available on 8K TVs are YouTube, Optus Sport, HGiG, Sports Alert, and many more.

Accessibility for HDMI, USB and LAN ports for the multi-connection of other devices

In addition to entertainment programs Check the accessibility for HDMI, USB, and ports for LAN. An HDMI port is used to connect a TV to an Xbox or DVD. Some 8K TVs have several HDMI port.

Additionally it is also the USB port can be used to display the data that is stored on external storage media like flash disks, as well as portable hard drives. It's certainly enjoyable because you can play pictures or videos that you took from your phone on a large screen. The final purpose of the port for LAN is to connect the internet using cable media.

Check that the dimensions are appropriate to your space

In the next step, ensure that your television is appropriate for the space you have. This is due to the fact that 8K TVs come with extremely large screens. An TV which is large creates the impression of being restricted in your home, particularly in rooms that aren't sufficient in size. The sizes of 8K TVs on the market differ, ranging between 55 inches, 60 inches 65" to 75" and many more.

So, what's the proper distance for watching 8K TV? 8K TVs comprise UHD TVs with extremely small pixels. So, the formula for finding the perfect distance for a distance would be to divide the distance of the sofa and the TV by 39. For instance, if the sofa and TV are 1.5 meters away, 1.5 times 39 is 58.5 inches. This way, you could select an 8K TV that measures 60 inches wide.

Take into account the power consumption

According to research, Indonesians spend an average of 5 hours each day on television. What is the approximate cost of using the TV over one month? It is possible to calculate this by using the formula: electric power x the duration of usage (hours) multiplied by the number of days per month.

For instance, you could determine the power consumption of a 370-watt TV for five hours of usage. So, you could determine it to be 370 5 x 30, which is 55,500 Watts per month. Then, convert the unit of watts to kWh according to PLN electricity unit, then divide it by 1000. So, 55,500 : 1000 = 55.5 kWh.

After that, you can multiply the kWh amount in accordance with the tariff for electricity classes in your location. For instance the electricity class tariffs per kWh for the non-subsidized PLN will be IDR 1,444.70. The result from the calculations is 55.5 times 1,444.70 is IDR 80,181.00. So, you too can pick the TV that is most suitable for your budget.

9 Top 8K TV Recommendations

We'll then recommend the top 10 8K TVs we've picked according to the method of selection over. These are carefully chosen according to the quality of the product as well as reviews from buyers and the degree of trust the seller has in its. Our products are classified by popularity on Shopee. Shopee marketplace.

Sharp Android 8K resolution TV 8T-C70DW1X

10 Top 8K TV Recommendations

Everybody wants the electronic gadgets that they purchase to be durable and last for a long time, don't you think? If you're among those, then don't be afraid to select this item. This TV comes by using the highest Japanese standards, among which is 7 Shields Security technology.

This technology is said to shield your TV from damage caused by vibrations and lightning strikes, as well as drops as well as humidity, high voltage and extreme temperatures. Furthermore it will be protected from high loads or unstable conditions when it is moved.


10 Top 8K TV Recommendations

Take a look at the latest developments from a more advanced LCD TV!

Have you ever owned before an LCD television before? This is an improvement from the LCD TV that is equipped with the latest LG technology. The TV utilizes quantum dots, a technology called Nano Cell and a mini-shaped LED panel.

This combination makes the screen appear brighter and the black colour better than traditional LCD TVs. In addition, the huge screen size and the advanced features that you can't find on LCD TVs as a whole.


Top 8K Television Recommendations (Newest in 2022)

It's sure to be enjoyable watching games with a large Sharp screen TV!

If you're not content with the size of the earlier LG models, you can select this TV. The TV is larger by 75 inches however, it has the same top-quality features.

The TV is also suitable for gaming because of features like Game Optimizer, Xbox Partnership, ALLM, and eARC. These features provide you with an entirely new experience when gaming, with incredible picture quality and speedy response.

Sharp Android 8K High Resolution Television C60DW1X

Top 8K Television Recommendations (Newest in 2022)

Cinema-like sound to your living room

Contrary to other models the TV comes from Sharp has a smaller dimension. Alongside seven shields protection, the TV comes with the latest technology. One of them is OPSODIS.

This is a device that has the capability of creating 360-degree precise sound , or the audio that is commonly heard in cinemas. If you're looking to enjoy movies together with sounds that sound like in a movie, you should consider this model.

LG 75'' NanoCell Real 8K with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos with AI ThinQ 75NANO99TNA

Top 8K Television Recommendations (Newest in 2022)

There is no remote control at your desk, only using an AI ThinQ feature

If you're among those who are who are prone to lying on the couch, then this HD television from LG is sure to grab your attention. The TV can allow you to say whatever you want to speak without the need to stand up or use the remote. This is because of the feature known as ThinQ AI.

You can, for instance, ask the TV to search for current weather conditions and play the movie you'd like to watch on Youtube or other sites, etc. Furthermore, if are using smart devices inside your home like air conditioners, your temperature in the room can be altered through this feature. Cool, right?


Top 8K Television Recommendations (Newest in 2022)

The first TV equipped with the same intelligence as the human brain

This TV is made by Sony makes use of Cognitive Processor XR technology which functions like the brain of a human. This technology can cross-analyse elements such as contrast, color, as well as detail at the same time, and then automatically in line with the way the human brain functions.

This TV is sold at a very high price by Sony. The TV's massive 85-inch screen and super technology combined with 8K resolution will surely offer you a unique experience!

Samsung QN800A Neo QLED 8K Smart TV (2021) QA75QN800AKXXD

Top 8K Television Recommendations (Newest in 2022)

The soundbar and TV speakers are separated to provide beautiful harmony.

If your TV's speakers are not in sync with the soundbar and TV speakers Switch to this model. The speakers on this TV are distinct from other brands. The 8K TV by Samsung comes with the best speakers, which are synchronized by the Q-Symphony feature to provide full and deep sound. In addition, this TV's Object Monitoring Sound+ (OTSplus) feature helps to make the sound more authentic.

Sony Z8H Full-Array HD LED TV (HDR) smart TV (Android TV) Z8H Series

Top 8K Television Recommendations (Newest in 2022)

The quality of the work is evident from the three awards awarded!

The product is guaranteed to be of high quality which is evident through the awards that it's been awarded. These prizes comprise HDTV Test as the best LED/LCD TV of 2020. Teach Radar Recommends with outstanding picture quality and image quality on every LCD television.

Furthermore to that, this TV was awarded the highest of the most prestigious Reddot winner in 2020. This TV is made by Sony is also equipped with X-Protection Pro technology, which shields the TV from high humidity, lightning strikes as well as high-voltage.

Samsung QN900A Neo QLED Smart 8K TV QA85QN900AKXXD

Top 8K Television Recommendations (Newest in 2022)

Get incredible brightness from Quantum HDR 64x technology

If you're looking for a large screen TV with a low cost, we suggest buying this model from Samsung. In the hundred million, the model is a top-quality product with a technology called Quantum HDR 64x. This technology lets the display show incredible detail and brightness.

Furthermore, this TV comes with an ultra-viewing angle feature which provides consistent image quality regardless of whether you are sitting on the outside of the television.


8K TVs feature is the latest technology and features. Of the nine models we suggest, select one that has features that are suitable for your needs. Also take note of the lighting style and operating system of the TV.

Don't forget to alter the size of your TV according to the size of your space. Make sure you select a model that is energy efficient and uses less energy. Are you willing to experience a brand new way of watching TV in stunning image quality? Enjoy!